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Narrative_ is a story-driven creative and technology agency that connects brands and people in ways they never imagined.

We employ a blend of strategy, creative, tech innovation, product development and cultural intelligence to create a powerful brand story, the Narrative - an advertising ecosystem that can be brought to life across platforms. We believe the greatest stories ever told are always rooted in experiences, culture and possibilities. We happen to be obsessed with all three.

At Narrative_ everything we make begins with our proprietary invitation of a CTE (Call To Experience). An evolution of the traditional CTA, the CTE is part mission, part invitation that asks a person to participate in advertising and/or real life. As a collective, Narrative_ operates like an innovation lab - data driven, tech forward, culturally connected, and committed - if we think it, we build it. We leverage creative technology to bring brands deeper into the worlds of their consumers. Our proprietary approach and tools fuel our ability to not only create effective campaigns, but to identify what’s next, break new ground, and impact growth and brand innovation.



A Higher Spirit




Drone Dunk


#BackedByAxe Kickstarter


Shine Together

Universal Standard

Set The Standard


Fan Badge


‘Twas the Flight Before Christmas

Under Armour

Elite 24

Under Armour

Curry Two


Michael Strahan Collection



Under Armour

Natural Born Hitters


Brand Platform


Make Moves

Samsung / Milk Music

Under Armour

Curry One

Rush Card

Your Move / Live

DeLeon Tequila


COTY Parfums




Under Armour

Chef Curry Food Truck

Gillian Laub

Universal Pictures

Ride Along / Crack the Ice


Narrative_ was founded by Russell Simmons and Tricia Clarke-Stone based on a shared passion for storytelling, identifying new ideas and bringing those ideas to life. Their premise was two-pronged: First, build a new agency grounded in technology, cultural intelligence, and redefining the rules of storytelling; second, develop and actualize transformative and monetizable IP. As innovators, Russell and Tricia embedded their intuitive ability to identify the white space and activate against new opportunities, into the agency’s DNA.

With this directive, Tricia built a team of strategic thinkers, creatives, technologists, and makers that shared her passion for bold, innovative storytelling and groundbreaking solutions that transcend advertising.

Tricia Clarke-Stone

Chief Executive Officer

Benjamin Vendramin

Chief Creative Officer

Aaron Royer

Chief of Content and Technology

Sabina Khilnani

Group Strategy & Business Director


In addition to creating effective brand campaigns for our clients, we commit real resources towards future-proofing brands, enabling discovery, and creating IP – by inventing, prototyping and building ideas, content, products, services, businesses, and experiences.

The Lab is driven by a basis in creative technology and cultural intelligence, that permeates all of our work. We innovate against a three stage process of Validation, Prototype, and Deployment. Our expertise includes Hardware and Software Development, Digital Products, Virtual Reality, The IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Wearables, iBeacons, Data Visualization, Web Sockets, Marketing Technology and Mobile First Experiences. We have launched our own consumer facing products, experiences and businesses, hold patents, and engage in partnerships with brands to build and launch new platforms and products.

Object Recognition Web App (Prototype)

Fan Badge Wearable

Change Perspective

Interactive Sneaker

Digital Shoppable Look Book (Beta)

Capacitive Touch

Interactive Twitter Mural

Shoppable Mannequin

Experiential OOH (Prototype)

Artificial Intelligence Batphone

Smart Headphone Splitter (Prototype)

Mediated Realtiy OOH (Prototype)

VR Shoppable Experience (Prototype)

Smart Event Invitation

Mediated Reality In Store (Prototype)

Augmented Reality In Store (Prototype)

Interactive Art Digital Experience

Social Data Scraping

Gamification Engine

Pizza Lever


House of N_ is a content innovation studio that influences culture across all screens and platforms. We combine storytelling, cultural intelligence and technology to create coveted content experiences and dynamic, interactive platforms.

We create films, documentaries, commercials, branded content, interactive experiences, VR, and social content. Partnering with premier and emerging talent (innovators, writers, artists, influencers, and filmmakers), we captivate the New American Mainstream with content across verticals they care about (music, lifestyle, art, culture, sports, comedy, entertainment, scripted, and reality content), resulting in connectivity, participation, and engagement.



Great brands don’t co-opt culture, they create it. That’s why the way we hire, hang out, work, vacation and educate ourselves is focused on expanding our cultural vocabulary. At Narrative_, how cool you are matters and we aren’t afraid to admit it. We value strategies infused with focused cultural insights and reward anyone who can cross the line from spotting trends to making them. We strive to understand the needs of people and predict, define and create what the next behavioral shift will be.


We spend less time talking about tech and more time actually using and building it. When you talk about it, it’s foreign, when it’s a part of who you are, you iterate, innovate and evolve it. We connect technology to the human experience. When we drive the technology we can drive the brand in innovative, meaningful directions.

Cutting Edge

Innovation is the art of not repeating yourself. We press play not repeat. We observe, dig and uncover insights to establish new creative territories. We question, challenge, then reimagine and invent new market space. Narrative_ is always playing, experimenting, disrupting, and breaking things to find out what’s possible when it comes time to bringing a story to life. Innovation isn’t confined to a lab, it permeates everything we do.


We go for hearts not eyeballs. In our Strategic approach we use research and data to identify the truths that engage real people. We design brand ecosystems that deliver unforgettable, story-led experiences that foster meaningful interaction, connection, and create authentic emotional investment.


Rocker Sammy Hagar and pop star Adam Levine are partnering on a new booze brand called Santo Mezquila that is billed in new ads as "the world's first mezquila." The celebrities are absent from three new digital video ads that launched this week by Narrative, the agency founded by Russell Simmons and Tricia Clarke-Stone.
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Benatar conceptualized the project with her friend Tricia Clarke Stone, who runs the marketing agency Narrative_, and then reached out to another friend, music producer Linda Perry, about collaborating. In an act of serendipitous timing, Perry had the beginnings of a song, called “We Will Shine,” that seemed to fit with what Benatar was looking for with this project.
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Universal Standard, a direct-to-consumer plus-size brand of modern essentials, will unfurl "Set the Standard," the company's first ad campaign. The campaign, which will appear on its web site,, was inspired by some of the most recognizable fashion photography...
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The mobile first interactive campaign for Rushcard, Change Perspective, is a finalist in the Visual Media Experience Category - awarded for content creation and delivery that moves beyond passive viewership by providing a more immersive and engaging entertainment experience.
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Mobile first campaign challenges viewers on how quickly we judge strangers. When watching it on a smartphone, flipping the video from vertical to horizontal at any moment tells a different story.
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In an embodiment of the saying, ‘a coin has two sides,’ the videos set up a thought experiment aimed to unify people of contrasting outlooks. The campaign positions Visa Rushcard as a thought leader within the U.S. social climate.
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“Benjamin’s branding experience, hybrid approach to creative and strong embrace of technology is the perfect fit for our culture” said Tricia Clarke-Stone, CEO. Benjamin previously spent 9 years at McCann, as VP/Group Creative Director, creating campaigns for clients including Verizon, Staples, General Mills, and the Ad Council.
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We already know how experiential marketing can blend subtle branding with content creation to yield favorable consumer decisions. With this sort of technology available for all eyes, Narrative_ has cemented its name as a leader in this field, and will hopefully be doing more work to flesh out the possibilities yet to be discovered.
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The New York Times
The New York Times interviews Tricia Clarke-Stone about her process for building a passion-driven marketing and technology company. When building her team, she looks for ‘MacGyver-types’ who solve problems with a high level of ingenuity and creativity.
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To grab the attention of mall-goers during the busiest shopping period of the year, JCPenney teamed up with Narrative_ to create "Twas The Flight Before Christmas." The virtual reality sleigh ride flew people to the North Pole to visit Santa and his friends. Upon landing, people won JCPenney coupons, incentivizing them to check out the store.
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