Universal Standard


US sets a new standard for the fashion industry


67% of women are plus-size, but only about 15% of clothes are made for them. While women size 0-14 have a variety of style options, from Zara and Theory to Helmut Lang and Rag & Bone, most women have come to expect less, relegated to improvising with clothes that lack the same style. So how do we position a new start-up, plus-size brand, as a true contender in the fashion world?


Elevate expectations and be the first plus-size brand to shift the conversation from body acceptance to fashion and style access.

Set the standard creates a new standard for style and redefines the fashion landscape. It’s the backbone of Universal Standard. It’s a call to action, a rallying cry, a stake in the ground. It goes against the established conventions of plus size clothing, and defies existing rules.

The idea launched and defined a clear voice and narrative for a start-up that needed awareness. It permeates every touch point and announces to the world that Universal Standard is a new formidable fashion brand, regardless of size.

The launch campaign is a bold illustration of the modern woman. Inspired by some of the most recognizable fashion photography – images that have shaped cultural understanding of style and beauty – Set The Standard hijacks public perceptions of iconic fashion images and heralds a new era for the fashion industry, elevating expectations for women size 10 – 28.

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